Source code for jupyter_format.contents_manager

"""JupyterLab and Classic Notebook integration.

Add the following line to your ````::

    c.NotebookApp.contents_manager_class = 'jupyter_format.contents_manager.FileContentsManager'

import as _fm
import jupyter_format as _jf

[docs]class FileContentsManager(_fm.FileContentsManager): __doc__ = __doc__ def get(self, path, content=True, type=None, format=None): if type is None and path.endswith(_jf.SUFFIX): type = 'notebook' return super().get(path, content, type, format) def _read_notebook(self, os_path, as_version=4): if not os_path.endswith(_jf.SUFFIX): return super()._read_notebook(os_path, as_version) with, 'r', encoding='utf-8', newline=None) as f: try: assert as_version == 4 return _jf.deserialize(f) except Exception as e: raise _fm.web.HTTPError(400, str(e)) def _save_notebook(self, os_path, nb): if not os_path.endswith(_jf.SUFFIX): return super()._save_notebook(os_path, nb) # TODO: raise proper exception on error? with self.atomic_writing(os_path, text=True, newline=None, # "universal newlines" encoding='utf-8') as f: f.writelines(_jf.generate_lines(nb))