Source code for jupyter_format._writer

"""Functions for writing Jupyter files."""
import json

from ._common import RE_JSON

[docs] def generate_lines(nb): """Generator yielding lines to be written to ``.jupyter`` files. Each of the lines has a line separator at the end, therefore it can e.g. be used in :meth:`~io.IOBase.writelines`. :param nbformat.NotebookNode nb: A notebook node. """ if nb.nbformat != 4: raise RuntimeError('Currently, only notebook version 4 is supported') yield line('', 'nbformat', nb.nbformat) yield line('', 'nbformat_minor', nb.nbformat_minor) for cell in nb.cells: cell_type = cell.cell_type if cell_type == 'code' and cell.execution_count is not None: yield line('', 'code', cell.execution_count) else: yield line('', cell_type) yield from indented_block(cell.source + '\n') if cell_type in ('markdown', 'raw'): # attachments (since v4.1) for name, data in cell.get('attachments', {}).items(): yield from attachment(name, data) elif cell_type == 'code': for out in cell.outputs: yield from code_cell_output(out) else: raise RuntimeError('Unknown cell type: {!r}'.format(cell_type)) if cell.metadata: yield from json_block(' cell_metadata', cell.metadata) if nb.metadata: yield from json_block('notebook_metadata', nb.metadata)
[docs] def serialize(nb): """Convert a Jupyter notebook to a string in ``.jupyter`` format. :param nbformat.NotebookNode nb: A notebook node. :returns: ``.jupyter`` file content. :rtype: str """ return ''.join(generate_lines(nb))
def attachment(name, data): yield line(' ', 'attachment', name) yield from mime_bundle(data) def code_cell_output(out): if out.output_type == 'stream': # NB: "name" is required! yield line(' ', 'stream', yield from indented_block(out.text) elif out.output_type in ('display_data', 'execute_result'): yield line(' ', out.output_type) # TODO: check if out.execution_count matches cell.execution_count? if yield from mime_bundle( if out.metadata: yield from json_block(' output_metadata', out.metadata) elif out.output_type == 'error': yield line(' ', 'error', out.ename) yield from indented_block(out.evalue) yield line(' ', 'traceback') for i, frame in enumerate(out.traceback): if i: yield ' -\n' for l in frame.splitlines(): yield ' ' + l + '\n' else: raise RuntimeError('Unknown output type: {!r}'.format(out.output_type)) def mime_bundle(data): # TODO: sort MIME types? # TODO: alphabetically, by importance? for k, v in data.items(): if RE_JSON.match(k): yield from json_block(' ' + k, v) else: if v.endswith('\n') and v.strip('\n'): v += '\n' yield from text_block(' ' + k, v) def line(prefix, key, value=None): if value is None: return '{}{}\n'.format(prefix, key) else: return '{}{} {}\n'.format(prefix, key, value) def text_block(key, value): yield key + '\n' yield from indented_block(value) def json_block(key, value): yield key + '\n' yield from indented_block(serialize_json(value)) def indented_block(text): for l in text.splitlines(): yield ' ' * 4 + l + '\n' def serialize_json(data): # Options should be the same as in nbformat! return json.dumps(data, ensure_ascii=False, indent=1, sort_keys=True)